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Kelechi Eke is a Nigerian American Software Engineer and Filmmaker with many years of experience in the world of technology. Despite his astute technical background, Kelechi has always had a penchant for storytelling and creative arts. In the year 2011, he decided to dabble into filmmaking under biGObi Productions. Since then, he has written, directed, produced, and starred in many award-winning films that focus on Africa-related topics and human Rights. All his released films, till date, have been accepted into the libraries of various Ivy League schools (including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford University) as reference materials for African Studies.

In his spare time Kelechi, enjoys coaching and playing soccer with the Africa United Football Club. Given his frequent nostalgic experience as an international student when he first came to the United States to study, he formed the club in 1997 to help provide a support group and team-building environment for young Africans far away from home. He mentored many over the years and won several soccer championships with the club, including becoming Champions of the North Texas Premier Soccer League. His passion for bringing Africans together is reflected in both his football team and in his style of film making.

Kelechi is the founder and host of The Black Pot – a cook show that documents how to make various African cuisines – inspired by the increasing number of first generation Africans overseas, and the rise of foreign spouses among Africans. He also founded Africa Talk Show – a series that touches on some of the challenges that African immigrants face abroad. His involvement in the African diaspora community and his dedication to expressing the diverse stories of Africans through writing, directing, acting, and producing; earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Nigerian-American Multicultural Center (NAMC) on May 3rd, 2014 in Houston, Texas.

On April 20th 2015, Kelechi founded The African Film Festival (TAFF) with the vision to increase the availability of African films in non-African communities. Through TAFF, he has created a large network of African filmmakers worldwide. He designed and produced the beautiful TAFF Trophy, which became one of the most coveted trophies in the African Film Industry. On Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary, October 1st, 2016; Project Green White Green honored him with an award for "Outstanding Personality in service to Humanity and Society." On February 24th, 2018; the African Fashion and Music Festival honored him with African Community Achievement Award for "Outstanding Community Dedication on African Arts and Entertainment Development."

Kelechi is currently working with TAFF Ambassadors from twelve African countries to facilitate film workshops for underprivileged aspiring filmmakers across continental Africa. On July 28th, 2018; EQT Magazine honored him with "Pan-African Thrive Award" in recognition of his efforts in bringing Africans together, helping talents thrive in the marketplace, and for his hard work in building the African film industry abroad. On September 29th, 2018; the Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards honored him for his contribution to Culture and Arts.

On March 28th to March 31st, 2019, Kelechi launched African Women Arts & Film Festival (AWAFFEST) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He created AWAFFEST to celebrate arts and stories of African women, and to empower upcoming female artists with the confidence to become successful independent practitioners without falling victims to any form of exploitation.

In June 2019, he launched ROOTFLIX - a leading streaming platform for quality festival-qualified films from various countries. Kelechi created this platform to give Independent filmmakers optional distribution channel to showcase their hard work globally.

In the year 2020, Kelechi launched Village Arts & Film Festival (VILLAFFEST) to celebrate Indigenous Arts and Films; and for preserving and appreciating culture. Through VILLAFFEST he wants to empower aspiring artists and undiscovered talents hidden in various African villages. From filmmaking to visual artistry to performances, he wants to encourage African youths with interest in arts and culture.

Skills & Expertice

I can say i’m quite good at what I do, while having room to get even better

Some often wonder how I am able to combine or keep the balance between Arts and Science - being so technical in the Computer field and at the same time, excelling in Creative Arts. Well, I believe they work hand-in-hand. My solid background in Computer and Mathematical Sciences contributes a great deal to my creativity in Arts. From logical thinking during writing, then directing - to creative imaginations that come with my ability to even do graphic designs - all come together to make me a strong force in Arts and Technology.

Software Engineering
Film Directing/ Acting
Film Editing/ Scriptwriting
IT Consulting/ Web Development

Work Experience

Selected Past & Present Associations

January 2010
Till Date



BIGOBI is a multimedia company based in Dallas, Texas, specializing in Independent Film Production, Information Technology Consulting, and African Events Marketing.

July 2015
Till Date


Executive Director

TAFF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to give back to the African Independent film community. It was made to “Bridge cultures through films” by inviting a diverse audience to celebrate some of the best films about continental Africa.

September 2000
Till June 2015


Senior Consultant

Kelechi Eke worked for both Technical Resource Group and Matrix Systems for many years. Through these consulting firms he worked for over ten different companies in various challenging, yet rewarding, Software Engineering projects.

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Some of my Educational Background

May 2009

Master of Business Administration

University of Texas at Dallas
Focus: Global Business
May 2003

Master of Science

University of Texas at Dallas
Focus: Information Technology
May 1994

Bachelor of Science

East Texas Baptist University
Focus: Computer Information Systems & Mathematical Science


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